We’ve seen this before: you get engaged and the excitement of “I’m planning a Chicago wedding!!!” quickly 


You’ve done hours of research trying to find the perfect venue and photographer, and are left with a growing list of questions and uncertainties about band vs. DJ, vegan meal alternatives for the Best Man, and how to blend your Korean heritage with your partner’s Nigerian culture during the ceremony. It’s starting to feel like you need a vacation from wedding planning.

You have to find a team of seasoned professionals who know the right questions to ask, the right vendors to recommend, and the right way to apportion your budget.

You’re looking for the planners at Elegant & Sophisticated Affairs. A full-service planning & design company based in Chicago.


 turns into 

client love

Christena helped keep me organized, in control, and confident that I would be able to get through this! She brought things to my attention that I had no clue I needed to do.

- Cayla

Planning weddings that are

perfectly you.

Stress-Free Planning

Traditions are fun and all, but sometimes they can feel suffocating. Especially when your family and friends have some ideas that don’t align with your vision for your one-of-a-kind Chicago wedding.

But you have your own ideas about what getting married looks like — whether it’s a elegant grand ballroom wedding with all the bells and whistles or a quirky, intimate loft elopement.

As your wedding planner, our job is to make your vision a reality. Not your pastor’s vision, not Martha Stewart Weddings’ vision, not our vision — your vision. You can confide in us with your ideas and questions, and know that despite guiding you with our expert advice, you’ll always be in control. 


Christena was EXCEPTIONAL. Thorough, organized, thoughtful, funny and kind. I was dreading wedding planning before meeting her. She had connections with vendors/industry insiders. She gave tips and things to look out for that of thing I would not have known if planning on my own. She understood our wedding vision, and brought us ideas/options that aligned, which made wedding planning simple. 

- Joyce