Let Us Tell Your


About Elegant and Sophisticated Affairs

I’m Christena Devaney,
a filmmaker turned wedding planner.

Confused? I promise those two go together! Let me explain…

I believe storytelling is at the heart of all artistry — whether you dance, or paint, or make films, or plan events.

Getting my master’s in digital film, I learned how to balance screenwriting (the creation of an compelling story) with directing (telling actors and staff what to do and when) and producing (hiring people to work on the set, establishing lighting and sound, scouting locations, and more).

It was a tall order of a job, and I loved every moment of it — especially because my bachelor’s degree in psychology taught me so much about understanding people and empathy.

But then the world of events caught my eye, and I realized that filmmaking and wedding planning are the same. The only difference? I’m not making up the stories anymore.

Instead, I’m telling the most beautiful, mysterious, captivating story of all: 

your love story

Your love story deserves to be told with a lot of empathy and a healthy dose of movie magic, and I use my psychology and digital film skills to bring that to life. That, and my certification in wedding and event planning, and more than eight years working for some of Chicago’s top wedding planners.

It’s my honor to tell your love story.


owner + lead planner

Christena wants every wedding to tell a particular story. She’ll help you with a theme and tie in different ideas that you have, but maybe do them in a more creative way than you ever thought they could be. She will fight for your ideas in every aspect of your wedding.

- Jenny

Our Approach

If we’re going to work together, you should know a few things about how we do business:

It’s not enough for us to just design and plan amazing events. We want to design and plan amazing events that are 100% you.

This woman-owned, multiracial-owned business celebrates all types of people. We want to work with you no matter who you love or how you love them.

Creativity is paramount in our line of work. We can bring any design style to life, whether you want an opulent ballroom wedding for 200 or an out-of-the-box elopement for 20.

You can count on us to be friendly and calming on your day. Everyone deserves a smile and a laugh — especially during the stress of wedding planning! We bring a friendly approach to all of our work.


We cannot thank Christena enough for planning our wedding it was so smooth & perfect with a big thanks to her. 

- Joslyn

Share Your Story With Us


You’re in the right place if you want your unique love story to be front-and-center during your wedding. And the only way to do that is for us to get to know your story. So please schedule a call with us so we can hear all the little details about you and your partner, and help you turn that into a celebration as unique as you are.